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TikTok currently provides a feed for technology and science


On Pi Day, TikTok wants everyone to be aware of its sizable scientific community. The business has started a special STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) stream that solely features these more instructive films. Without having to sift through TikTok's typical entertainment-focused content, you might discuss experiments or learn how to code.

As expected, TikTok is taking action to suppress false information in this new section. The material will be examined by the curator Common Sense Networks to ensure that it is pertinent to the STEM feed, and the accuracy will be evaluated by the fact-checkers at Poynter. Videos won't appear in the new stream if they fail any of the two assessments.

The STEM channel will be available to users in the US in the "coming weeks," according to TikTok. In order to attract lovers of video games, sports, and other popular topics, the social media behemoth has already begun experimenting with a "Topic Feed" in select locations. This programme is said to have expanded with the addition of the scientific feed.

The launch is not unexpected. To the point that schools are suing the firm over purported mental health issues, governments and schools are worried TikTok may hurt kids and teenagers. A STEM feed fosters an environment that is conducive to "co-learning, inspiration, and enrichment," as TikTok puts it. TikTok reports that hashtags related to STEM have already generated more than 110 billion views, making it potentially profitable.

Another question is whether or not this contributes to TikTok's existence in the US. Due to concerns that TikTok poses a threat to national security, several legislators want to outright prohibit it. Government officials fear that China may gather information on important Americans or push propaganda. Next week, CEO Shou Zi Chew is scheduled to give a testimony on privacy, security, and kid safety problems before a Congressional committee. Such concerns might not even be addressed by a STEM stream.

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