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The EV9 electric SUV from Kia has a stunning design and three rows of seating

While holding important details like the battery size and powertrain for the official launch early next month, Kia is giving us our first look at the interior and outside of its remarkable mid-size EV9 SUV. Although the blockiness has been reduced, the market-ready form stays true to the original EV9 concept we first saw in November 2021. However, it has a striking and intriguing design, similar to the EV6. 

The forthcoming model resembles the EV6 in terms of its triangular rear quarter panel windows, but otherwise it looks like it was influenced by boxy SUVs like earlier Range Rovers. According to Kia, it is "derived from a polygonal design language" that combines the fuselage body with "very noticeable geometric wheel arches and   triangular fender components." Regardless of the lines

As one of the first EVs to fit into the well-liked mid-size SUV category, it has three rows of seating. That means it will compete with ICE vehicles like the Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, and the Telluride from Kia, among others. It should provide decent headroom because of its boxiness and squared-off rear end. 

The middle row's usage of swivelling captain's chairs, which allow them to turn around to face the back seats in the Orient Express fashion, is a delightful touch. Depending on whether the back seats are buckets or benches, it will be marketed in 6- and 7-passenger versions.

Kia has substituted two 12.3-inch screens for the concept's enormous wraparound display up front in place of the instrument panel and infotainment system. Touch-sensitive dash controls have replaced some of the conventional buttons. Mesh and other materials are used inside to further enhance the impression of space. 

Up until the vehicle's official unveiling in early April, additional information, including infotainment system features, will remain a secret. Although Kia has not yet provided information on the EV9's power, battery size, range, or price, we do know that it will be constructed utilising the E-GMP platform from the EV6. The EV9 is probably going to cost much more than that, with the EV6 starting at around $45,000, but as we've seen with Kia, that's probably not the case.

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