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On April 12th, "Ghostwire: Tokyo" will launch for Xbox Series X/S

Ghostwire: Tokyo is moving to Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass after making its debut on the PlayStation 5 and PC last year. The game's creator, Tango Gameworks, revealed on Wednesday that it would launch on Microsoft's current-gen consoles on April 12. The developer will release the "Spider's Thread" update for all platforms on the same day.

The Expansion includes a brand-new game mode that tests players to get through a 30-stage gauntlet. You can use the in-game currency you gain as you advance through the mode to buy enhancements for your run. Additionally, the update expands the game's eerie interpretation of Tokyo to include new places and tasks for players to explore. Extended cutscenes that aim to shed more light on the game's plot complement the new content. It's a good thing too because Mat Smith of Engadget believed the game begged for DLC to clarify some of its more unclear plot themes.

Having received an Xbox release date today, Ghostwire: Tokyo is the final Bethesda Softworks PS5 exclusive. Before being acquired by Microsoft, Bethesda decided to make Deathloop a limited-time PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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