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Fitbit will no longer charge you for your own weekly health data


The fact that you must pay the $10 monthly subscription in order to view your past data has long been one of our greatest concerns with Fitbit devices. For instance, if you didn't pay, you could only view up to seven days' worth of your heart rate at rest and heart rate variability, as well as only 90 days' worth of everything else. It was a major flaw in gadgets like the Pixel Watch, especially in light of the fact that rival goods from Apple and Samsung don't lock your personal data behind a barrier. According to a recent announcement from Google, "more of the informative data from Fitbit's Health Metrics Dashboard is now available to all of its customers without a membership."

This covers heart rate variability, skin temperature, oxygen saturation, and breathing rate in addition to resting heart rate. Users will now be able to access 30-day and 90-day views of their data to follow patterns over time, the firm stated in a statement, even without a Premium subscription. The information described above was shown in the Health Metrics dashboard as daily, weekly, monthly, or 90-day summaries, but more fundamental measures like step count, kilometres travelled, calories burnt, and heart rate have always been free.

This at least puts Fitbit devices on par with those of the competitors, even though there is still a 90-day restriction on how far back you can view your historical activity for those indicators. The business does offer sector-leading health and sleep-tracking capabilities, such as the ability to monitor how much time you spend during the night in different sleep stages including REM, deep sleep, and light sleep. While features like Sleep Profile, Guided Sleep Programs, Snore Detect, and other insights into what's affecting your Sleep Score are now locked behind Premium, information like those sleep phases is not.

Your Sleep Stages are no longer paywalled on Fitbit, which is wonderful news considering Apple just brought the same functionality to watchOS while Samsung has been providing it for years. Moreover, both rivals provide their consumers various sleep measurements and recommendations without charging extra.

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